I.T Research && Development

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With over 15 years experience in various fields related to computer as development, systems or networks problematic.
         We are able to meet your demand of computer covering the wholes that need a company may encounter


Know the security level of your various platforms, turn on crucial technological choices or simply obtain an outside opinion.
Domo'JonuX help you during its provisions of advisory services and audits in IT engineering.



A supplement of responsibility or simply a project to be goning up?
We are with you to allow to reach your goals.

Out Sourcing

Competent and reactive, we are here for deployment and the maintenance of your information systems, networks and servers.



By integrating a large number of basic functionality like user management and rights of access or multilanguage          and presentation tools such as jqGrid or High Chart         
JXF Framework enables the development and rapid integration of custom modules and interconnected.

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